Please read Terms and conditions for amiable experience with Iconart.

Buyers – Terms and conditions

Iconart Online Gallery brings together some the best talents Contemporary Indian art has to offer. Paintings, sculptures, prints, photography and drawings are carefully selected to suit a wide variety of taste and choice. Integrity and ethics are given top priority. Feel assured, secure while using ICONART.


The Buyer needs to register using the “Register As Buyer” link before using the shopping cart.

On registering for newsletter on the home page of www.iconart.in you will be periodically updated on latest artworks, art news, events, from ICONART Gallery.

Payment Options

a) Cash / Cheque – Payments can be made in cash/cheque addressed to

ICONART Gallery, 1672 S.B.I bldg ,Rd No 12, Banjara Hills ,Hyderabad .Andhra Pradesh , India 500034
Cheque /Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of ICON ART GALLERY
Account No:3054 7461 412

b)Wire Transfer
Please handover the information given below to your banker to wire the money to us.
Remitt: US$__________(Equivalent to Rs._________)

For Final Credit to: S.B.I Bank, Banjara Hills Branch ,Hyderabad ,Andhra Pradesh ,India ICONARTGallery
Account: No:3054 7461 412
Proprietor: Dr Avani Rao Gandra
SWIFT confirmation to S.B.I Bank, Banjara Hills Branch ,Hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh ,India

c) Paying by credit / debit card through Pay Pal

You can select payment by credit /debit card using the option of secured payment through PayPal . After adding the artwork to your Shopping Cart, you will be prompted to select Payment Type. If you select Credit Card Payment option, and submit the order we will redirect you through PAYPAL Payment Gateway to make your payment.

After the order is confirmed, we will forward Online Credit Card Payment Invoice through PAYPAL which uses encryption technology on secured socket layer. If the Name of Buyer does not match with the name in the Credit Card used, the payment transaction will be rejected. So please ensure that Buyer’s name and the Name in the Credit Card used for purchase are the same. This is implemented to avoid fraudulent use .

The card will be charged only after fraud verification. On your completing the credit card transaction, you will receive email confirmation from us. After your card is charged and money is credited to our account, we will intimate you with confirmation of receipt of payment and status of shipping. As soon as the product is shipped, we will intimate you. We would be updating the status of the order through the backend and hence you would be able to see the status of the order by logging into fedex shipping site to track your orders.

Please note delivery of art works will be made only after realization of cash through cheques /Demand Draft /wire transfer /credit card .

We will ask you to send the payment to us only after we confirm the availability of the painting / sculpture being ordered. The consignment is usually shipped within a week of getting the payment credit into our account.

For Delivery in India

1. Price applicable is in Rs. (Indian Rupees)
2.Price quoted on the display pages on the website is for the work of art and not inclusive of sales tax . Sales tax will be calculated and added in the invoice raised by ICONART Gallery. The invoice is sent on realization of final total payment as quoted and communicated through email.
3.The charges towards packing and shipping is calculated based on factors such as destination, weight of object, handling charges , mode of shipment etc. ICONART Gallery periodically offers free shipping within India. The offer is applicable only for paintings and prints in rolled form and not for framed art works and sculptures .

For Delivery Outside India

1.Price applicable is in US $ (US Dollar). The price listed for the artworks is calculated at the rate of Rs43 per U.S Dollar but the checkout billing calculator gives a final total based on existing market value at the time of purchase .The prices may be ’rounded off’ for ease of reference and do not necessarily reflect the exact exchange rate used for calculation during invoicing.

2. The price quoted with the art work is for work of art only. The price does not include shipping charges and any taxes and levies that may be applicable. Any local taxes and levies such as the customs duty levied by local authorities of the destination country will be borne by the customer.

3. The shipping and handling charges will be quoted in the final price based on the destination country pin code, weight and volume of the art work. The total amount at final checkout reflects the final price of artworks, shipping , handling and is inclusive of credit card processing .

4. We are partnered with reputed international courier , FedEx for international delivery

5. The paintings are normally sent in a rolled format in a rigid PVC cylindrical tube. However, if the customer desires the painting to be sent in framed condition, the same can be arranged. The charges for framing and special packing required to send framed paintings will be communicated through phone or email.

6. Packing -We take great care for packing all consignments. The paintings are usually shipped in a rolled format. If the customer wants us to ship the paintings in framed condition, the same can be organised. The artwork is packed in a secure manner using materials such as rubber foam, bubble sheets and sent in a wooden or aluminium container which is duly sealed.

Delivery Time –

Normal delivery within a maximum of 10-15 from the date of realization of payment , overseas shipment may be delayed by a couple of days . The dispatch will be done within 15 days of confirmed receipt of the full value of the shipment. Orders where payment is by cheque / demand draft , art works will be shipped only after clearance of the same.

ReturnPolicy –

For reasons such as not identical with image on website , or non matching of colors you have seven (7) days from the day you receive the painting to inform on mail. You will be reimbursed full value of the painting minus the shipping cost, which shall be borne by the buyer.


We will accept returned goods only when they are being processed for a refund due to shipping or handling damage. If a painting has been damaged during shipping please contact us at info@iconart.n, iconartinfo@gmail.com and the case will be processed as expeditiously as possible.

In the unlikely event of your receiving a damaged product, please do the following: a) Make note of the damage on the courier’s copy of the airway bill, and a copy of the airway bill, which you retain.
b) Also, appropriate remarks should be made on the delivery sheet (applicable) of the courier personnel making the delivery.
c) ICONART should be notified immediately within two days of receipt of the painting if there is damage along with the details of the damage.
d) Also send us images of the work with close ups of the damaged portions.


It is our policy to issue a Certificate of Authenticity for each work of art (does not include prints / photographs / Digital artwork) that gets shipped. The Certificate of Authenticity is either sent with the art work or separately.

Insurance The shipping cost does not include insurance . Should you wish to fully insure your purchase, please confirm the same with ICONART at the time of placing your order. Insurance will be arranged and costs added to the total bill .

Invoices All invoices will be raised by ICONART Gallery based on the registration or amended information provided by the buyer and payments will be accepted only from the registered buyer. In the event that a payment is recieved from elsewhere, it may either be returned or result in a delay in processing the order until decision by the management.


Phone (+91-9849968797)
Email (iconartinfo@gmail.com) for any queries and help.

Artists – Terms and conditions

Registration – Artists, in order to upload images of their artworks through the upload button link on the homepage, need to first register using Register as Artist link

On registering for newsletter option on the home page of www.iconart.in you will be periodically updated on latest artworks, art news, events, from Iconart Gallery.

Upload Your Artwork

Upload clear low resolution images with title, size, category, style, medium, year . Add your biodata /resume/ description of your art work and keywords that best describe your artwork .

Upload 10-15 images, as that gives a wider choice for the viewer. Also alternatively artists can send images with complete details through email (iconartinfo@gmail.com) or by courier in a C.D to ICONART Gallery address .

1672 S.B.I bldg
Rd No 12
Banjara Hills
Andhra Pradesh
India 500034

Do not upload works that are submitted for other online artgallery websites with e commerce facility

Artworks approved by the ICONART curator will be put up on the website within 10-15 days of uploading.

Artists page on ICONART

Every Artist on ICONART Gallery will have their own exclusive page. Please add a wide variety of quality works in different media and sizes to make your page appealing and interesting. It is advised artists update their page with their latest art works.

Make sure the art works submitted to www.iconart.in are available with the artist.

In case of non availability of artworks ICONART Gallery should be immediately intimated through email (iconartinfo@gmail.com). The said image will be deleted and fresh art works can be replaced . This builds trust and reliability from the collectors end.

Icon Fine Art Prints

ICONART has an exclusive print on demand option through which artists can sell prints of their original art works for 1/10 th of the cost . Artists willing to sell prints need to send high resolution images on a C.D to ICONART Gallery . Every print sold will be sent to the artist for signature and edition marking .


ICONART encourages fair, reasonable pricing. Quote current selling price based on your experience, signature value, in the current art market. Hyped prices are discouraged.


Art works of artists are highlighted as “Artist of the month” , in “Critics choice” and in the homepage display in online gallery . Thus creating a feature ridden display of quality art works.

Sale Process

Once sale process is initiated it is expected the artworks are packed with great care and sent to the gallery address shipped by air or road courier . Payment will be forwarded to the artist after the artwork is received by the customer to his / her satisfaction without objections and returns. The payment will be made after deducting the normally applicable gallery commission valid in Indian Galleries.

Certificate of Authenticity

A copy of authenticity certificate will be emailed to the artist in the event of sale .The certified is to be printed , signed and sent along with the art work to ICONART Gallery address .

Collectors – Collectors can resell their art works through Collectors Choice on www.iconart.in .Please email collections to email: iconartinfo@gmail.com , info@iconart.in and receive terms and conditions for usage through mail .

ICONART Gallery ,Hyderabad

Artists works that fit into the curated shows at ICONART Gallery are invited to participate in art exhibitions at ICONART Gallery in Hyderabad ,Andhra Pradesh .India

Artists are encouraged to send art works on consignment to ICONART Gallery premises in Hyderabad for enhanced integration into curated shows at the gallery , and greater visibility of original works . Art works on approval through email communication can be sent to the following address.