‘Bit by Bit’ an exhibition of paintings by Dr.Avani Rao Gandra

Bit By Bit
The last two years of the Covid pandemic in which period these art works evolved, was cathartic, intense in its disruption and equally liberating in its healing – time and energy slowed down to be felt minute by minute , bit by bit . In pulling together what was left – as we lost a bit of our breathe , muscle and nerve , as we lost our loved ones , we learned to absorb the new with more care and concern , we learned to be more consciousness of nature , more aware that we are a part of it . In the process we learned to value the our humanity, our environment and the greater creation that is beyond our comprehension.
This series of 20 paintings mark the interconnectedness of man , animal and nature , of mountains and soil , wind and air , fire , water and space – all that is a part of every being . The Play of nature in its fragmented form, as the solid rigidness of our selves symbolically and poetically breaks forth to become a formless flow , yet regaining itself as other energies . Elephant, tortoise and a flower become one with water and wave , with time and moon , the mountains break forth into the wind and water disperses itself into the flowing wind .
These for me mark the experience of the pandemic wave , to explore the energetic abstract expressions in its frozen minutes. As time slowed down ,becoming intensely aware of what we lost , and learning to value what we gain , bit by bit .
Dr .Avani Rao Gandra

Invite -Bit by BIt
‘Bit by Bit ‘ art exhibition of abstract expressionist paintings by Dr Avani Rao Gandra .

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