Light at the end of the tunnel – COVID 19

ICONART Gallery presents

A virtual exhibition of art by artist Avani Rao Gandra

Everyday an art work expressing the differing facets of ‘ Covid’ pandemic will be posted on ICONART
Gallery website , facebook and insta pages.

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The current COVID 19 times are indeed extraordinary , it is showing the mirror in the face of humanity.
In the COVID playground equality , oneness and global togetherness is played in satire . Baring to bone
existential realities of mankind , ripping open the shimmering veil of modern progress it is bringing
home the basic pointers – human fragility , ego and greed . As anxiety , fear and sadness grips the
world in the ever spreading conquer of the tiny speck Carona virus over the world , the earth slowly
starts playing a softer music of healing and rejuvenation , giving hope to see the light at the end of the
tunnel .

The series of art works are digital in format , abstract expressionist with metaphoric symbolism –
interpreting the many facets of COVID 19 times .
Dr.Avani Rao Gandra